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Electrical Switchboard Upgrade

enelex electrical services
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Upgrade your electrical system with confidence by choosing Enelex Electrical Services. Our team specialises in upgrading to modern switchboards, meeting safety standards and capacity needs.

You can rely on our experience to finish your switchboard update quickly and effectively, reducing downtime and optimising the functionality of your electrical system. With our knowledgeable staff, you can welcome enhanced dependability and safety within your home or place of business!

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The Value of Modern Electrical Switchboards

Using outdated switchboards increases the danger of system failures and fires as energy needs rise and technology advances. Modernising these systems improves overall performance and efficiency while also reducing safety risks.

Switchboards with smart metres and renewable energy sources offer flexibility to adapt to energy changes. These technologies ensure both energy efficiency and long-term environmental sustainability.

Signals That a New Switchboard Is Needed

It's critical to know when an upgrade is required for your electrical system to maintain safety and efficiency. Here are a few signs that it might be time to think about modernising your switchboard:

overloaded circuits

Overloaded Circuits

Circuit breakers tripping regularly or fuses blowing frequently may be signs that your switchboard is not keeping up with the demand for electricity and will need to be upgraded.

our flickering lights

Flickering Lights

Flickering or dimming lights may indicate power variations caused by an insufficient switchboard, especially when appliances are operating. Modern switchboards are more stable at regulating voltage and can enhance the efficiency of your lighting fixtures.

our charred or burnt smell

Charred or Burnt Smell

Discoloured marks on circuit breakers or a burnt smell near the switchboard could mean electrical arcing or overheating, which are serious safety hazards. Immediate attention and an electrical switchboard upgrade are necessary to prevent potential fires.

our lack of safety features

Lack of Safety Features

Older switchboards may lack essential safety features, increasing the risk of accidents or damage. Upgrading to a modern switchboard with these features ensures peace of mind and protects your property.

Compliance Requirements

Compliance Requirements

Upgrading may be necessary to guarantee compliance with current codes and regulations in light of changes in electrical standards and regulations. It might be time for an upgrade if your switchboard doesn't adhere to the most recent regulations in order to stay out of trouble or risk.

Why Choose Enelex for Your Switchboard Upgrades?

quick response time

Efficient Switchboard Upgrade Solutions

Count on us for prompt and reliable responses to your electrical switchboard upgrade needs. Whether it's addressing obsolete systems or enhancing efficiency, our experts act swiftly to ensure your electrical infrastructure remains robust and functional.

reliable efficient staff

Dependable Knowledge for Seamless Upgrades

Because we understand the critical role of reliable switchboards, we pledge to provide the best possible service. Our switchboard specialists can guarantee accurate solutions for your upgrade, ensuring smooth operations and unwavering dependability.

lifetime workmanship guarantee

Guaranteed Workmanship With Our Services

With our switchboard upgrades, our workmanship is guaranteed. Any arising issues are promptly addressed at no extra cost, ensuring your long-term convenience and complete satisfaction with your electrical switchboard upgrade.

clear itemised billing

Transparent Pricing for Peace of Mind

Choose us for your switchboard upgrade needs and enjoy peace of mind with transparent pricing. Our upfront pricing ensures clear estimates, eliminating surprises and hidden fees. Rest assured, you'll understand the costs at every stage of the upgrade process.

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Flexible Electrical Options for Modern Switchboards

Learn about our customisable services that are suited to your unique needs. Our committed staff is excellent at creating personalised switchboard modifications, putting your electrical systems' reliability, safety, and integrity first.

enelex electrical services
enelex electrical services
Property Management
enelex electrical services


Our bespoke switchboard upgrades prioritise the safety of your house. We provide prompt solutions for all of your household electrical needs, whether they include urgent repairs or extensive renovations.

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Discover our tailored commercial switchboard services meeting your business's power needs. From upgrades to troubleshooting, we prioritise efficiency and minimal downtime. Count on us for a prompt and reliable service to ensure smooth operations.

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Property Management

Property Management

With expertise in property management, we secure and optimise your building's electrical systems. Our services, including routine maintenance and energy-saving solutions, uphold property market value, ensuring effective switchboard maintenance and peace of mind.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Electrical Switchboard Upgrade

To guarantee the dependability, efficiency, and safety of your electrical system, you must upgrade your switchboard. It lowers the possibility of electrical risks like fires or system failures, supports contemporary technology, and enables improved power distribution management.
Our objective is to minimise any interruptions to your power supply while we're upgrading. Our electricians are always equipped with the right tools for the job and fully stocked vans to guarantee an efficient installation. We are sure to undertake all necessary due diligence in order to complete the switchboard upgrade on time to reduce any downtime.
Switchboard upgrade costs vary based on its size, requirements, and application. Before starting any project, our staff will provide you with a comprehensive quote that includes easy to read descriptions and pricing.

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