enelex electrical servicesenelex electrical services
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enelex electrical services


Over Ten Years of Experience

Enelex Electrical Services is a young business. We offer over ten years of experience in the electrical service industry. Situated in Melbourne, we dedicate our days to providing high quality service. Above all, we strive for efficiency, transparency, and professional workmanship.

We understand that requirements differ for a private client, a business owner, or property managers, which is why we cater our service delivery to your specific needs.

enelex electrical services
enelex electrical services

Always Transparent

What is the best way to ensure everybody is on the same page? Clear communication. We tell our clients beforehand how long a job takes and what it entails. There are no surprises, no unexpected schedule changes, and no hidden costs. Our clients always know what is happening at any given time.

Enelex Electrical Services believes that delivering high-quality service is the culmination of various factors working harmoniously together. Expertise alone doesn't guarantee efficiency unless it's nurtured in a positive and enjoyable work environment.

We’re motivated because we care. That enthusiasm & love for the craft benefit our customers, & we only settle for the highest quality. We’re proud to be a reliable, safety-oriented service provider. Our values are rooted in integrity & transparency above all else.

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